"Cactus Mike" Mosman
Cactus Mike's musical career began at the age of 4, when he was taught to play the drums by his late brother-in-law, a professional drummer. He picked up a guitar around age 7, but continued to focus on percussion, playing in a number of bands, ensembles, and orchestras.

Mike was influenced by many styles of music, from Jimmy Rodgers to Hank Williams, Willie Nelson, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin and the Beatles.

In 2008, Cactus Mike bought his current Spanish Luthier classic guitar in Santa Fe, New Mexico, with plans to learn to play flamenco. He plays Spanish, South American, classical, folk and bluegrass guitar.

An avid poet, story writer and songwriter, Cactus Mike was asked to play at the Texas Crossroads Cowboy Gathering in Van Horn, Texas in 2011 and at the West Texas Cowboy Gathering in 2013.

Cactus Mike likes to tell inspiring stories about dreams coming true, as well as tall tales and historical sagas. Some of his songs include God & I, Got an Eye, Dare to Dream, Esperanza, Lonesome Coyote, Ode to the West, Spanish Lullaby, Spaghetti Western, Don't Worry, 'Cause I Always Do, Attitude of Love, Texas Roads, and Indian Ballad.

He also plays harmonica ,ocarina, and trumpet. During performances, rattles, shakers, and tom toms are shared with his audience, whose participation in the show makes for some great jam sessions.

325.617.6877 ✪ cactusmike.mm@gmail.com ✪ 8737 Highway 67 N. San Angelo, TX 76905